We know the grant application process is complicated

So, we made it simple

Before you Begin

We want to ensure you’re eligible so please be sure to review this section carefully. Because CEDR is a “flow through organization” (i.e. they are simply distributing money from someone else) that is housed within Tulane University there are multiple sets of eligibility requirements, CEDR’s and Tulane’s. 

CEDR’s Eligibility Requirements

Tulane University's Eligibility Requirements

Take the Eligibility Quiz here 

What We Don't Fund: Funds for your project can NOT be used for any of the following purposes:

  1. Propaganda campaigns trying to influence legislation
  2. Voter registration drives or other attempts to influence the outcome of a public election
  3. Individual grants
  4. Hurting others –criminal acts against others, discrimination, etc.

See more details about what each of these means on our FAQs page

What We Do Fund: We seek to support proposed projects that are:

  • Community-Based: Arising from the community and the needs and priorities they themselves have identified. This is more than treating the community as a stakeholder. This is working collaboratively with the community and amplifying their voices (i.e. letting them drive the “bus” and simply filling it with gas and removing roadblocks).
  • Resilience Focused: Supporting disaster resilience in underserved communities (i.e. enhancing the community’s ability to adapt, withstand, and recover from disaster)
  • Developing Equitable Leadership: Developing equitable leadership (formal or informal) and the capacity of those individuals within the community to build and sustain resilience in the face of disasters.


Pre-Application Review: Once the pre-application window has been closed each pre-application will be reviewed independently by CEDR review team members who will score each application on this rubric. Then CEDR review team members will convene to discuss scores and decide who they will invite to complete the full application. All applicants will be notified via email of the selection.

Application - Initial Review by Individuals: Once the application window has been closed each application will be reviewed independently by CEDR review team members who will score each application on this rubric

Final Review by Group: Then CEDR review team members will convene to discuss scores on both the pre-application and application to make final selections. Once CEDR has made final selections based on combined rubric scores and team input then all applicants will be notified via email of the selection. 

Feedback: Applicants who are not selected may request feedback on their application if they wish to pursue other funding sources or simply want to better their grant writing abilities. This feedback will be provided as capacity allows and will include things the applicant did well and areas where they could improve. To request feedback be provided please send us a message here.

Additional Documents: Once awardees have been notified of the selection, CEDR will work with Tulane’s Sponsored Project Administration (SPA) to finalize the selection by securing additional documentation including an organizational W-9, a scope of work (material for this can be copy pasted from application), and an agreement which will be drafted by SPA based on the scope of the work. Once the necessary follow up documentation is received, an advance for half the amount of the grant will be given to each organization and the other half will be accessible via invoices after services are delivered.

Q1 – April – June 

  • Organizational representative participates in group concept mapping study 
  • Propose project begins 
  • Organizational representative begins participating in training course 
  • Project update meeting with other fellows, 10-minute presentation and 1 page update report 


Q2 – July - Sept 

  • Organizational representative continues participating in training course  
  • Organizational representative attends conference to showcase their organizations project and network 
  • Proposed project concludes  
  • Final Report 15-30-minute presentation and 2-page summary of outcomes

Grant Fellowship Overview