Grant Application


1. Please use every day language in your responses.  If you do use any technical language specific to your line of work, please define it.  

2. Remember to address our funding priorities in your responses where appropriate. We seek to fund projects that are: 

  • Community-Based: Arising from the community and the needs and priorities they themselves have identified. This is more than treating the community as a stakeholder. This is working collaboratively with the community and amplifying their voices (i.e. letting them drive the “bus” and simply filling it with gas and removing roadblocks)
  • Resilience Focused: Supporting disaster resilience in underserved communities (i.e. enhancing the community’s ability to adapt, withstand, and recover from disaster)? 
    • Resilience is the ability of an individual or community to absorb shocks (i.e. major disruptions to everyday life such as natural disasters) while maintaining functioning and adapting in productive ways. Individuals, families/households, communities, and cultures can demonstrate resilience and there are different types of resilience such as social, economic, environmental, emotional, and psychological, etc. 
  • Developing Equitable Leadership: Developing equitable leadership (formal or informal) and the capacity of those individuals within the community to build and sustain resilience in the face of disasters. 
    • Equitable leadership simply put means that the demographics (race, gender, age, etc.) of leadership reflect those of the community they serve and serving ALL. 

3. Please keep your responses clear and concise and use bulleted lists where feasible. 


Technical Details 

  • If you reference any material (websites, documentaries, journal articles, etc.) please provide information that would enable us to find it — a title and author, website, and/or other identifying information (e.g. year of publication, DOI, etc.).
  • If you have questions, please review our FAQs page. If your questions are not answered there contact us directly at or (504) 500-8064.
  • NOTE: We recommend you download the templates below and draft your application responses there because responses input on the webpage can not be saved. Once you’ve finalized your application on the template you can copy and paste your responses and upload your budget documents here on our website to submit. 


Application Selection Rubrics

2Contact Information
3Get to Know You
4Proposed Project
5Objective/ Tasks/ Outcomes
6How are you going to succeed?
8Review and Submit
Thank you to our funder, the Walmart Foundation