Innovative Approaches Counseling Center

About our Partnership

Innovative Approaches Counseling Center consists of highly trained and experienced Licensed Clinical Social Workers who are committed to helping people in a confidential and comfortable setting. This organization serves clients throughout the Greater New Orleans and River Parish Areas. Innovative Approaches Counseling Center provides services that include individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, couples therapy, and disaster response through IACC Cares Closet.

With the funding associated with the CEDR fellowship Innovative Approaches Counseling Center is working to create and distribute disaster preparedness kits for those without means to secure them otherwise. Their goal is to increase mental health resilience before, during, and after a disaster. Additionally, they will attend community events, distribute resource lists and educational fliers, and develop community partnerships all to promote year-round disaster preparedness. This project, led by Candice Sorapuru, Charisse Speaks, and Dr. Nyoki Cosey-Brown will work to support low-income community members in Southeast Louisiana and increase disaster resilience in the area.

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Innovative Approaches Counseling Center has been at the forefront of providing essential mental health services and counseling to individuals in need for several years now. We have witnessed the adverse effects of disasters on survivors’ mental health. The trauma and stress accompanying such events can often leave lasting scars, leading to various mental health challenges. It is crucial that we address not only the physical preparedness but also the mental preparedness of our community members.