Ubuntu Village NOLA

About our Partnership

With the funding associated with the CEDR fellowship, Ubuntu Village NOLA is working to create a community disaster preparedness education program titled Parent Leaders Educate for Action around Disaster. Led by Florence Fleischer Djoleto, the project aims to gather valuable insights through surveys and focus groups to understand the level of disaster resilience in families with youth who have experienced the criminal justice system. Subsequently, the team will create, print, and distribute disaster brochures to families residing in the communities where they are actively engaged.

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Ubuntu Village NOLA fights for social, economic, and transformational justice for children and communities, working primarily with families of youth who are involved in the juvenile justice system. They help families advocate for their rights and those of their children by educating them and helping them navigate the juvenile justice system. Ubuntu Village works with parents and young people to conduct participatory action research, analyze inequities in the juvenile justice system, and advocate for changes that would make the system more humane, antiracist, rehabilitative, and just.